Caeroline Landry

Caeroline Landry

"Caeroline’s performance was as surprising as winning the jackpot…because such a woman’s voice is, as they say in the States, pure food for the soul, recklessly rich in calories and truly heartwarming."
Münchner Merkur

Powerful lyrics, artful melodies und a fantastic voice – a remarkably creative and productive songwriter…from whom we will be hearing a lot more of in the future!

Caeroline Landry was born in Montreal and now lives in Bavaria. The singer/songwriter recorded her first album with Philipp Stauber.

She felt the pull of music at a very early age and her passion was singing. Since her mother was convinced that “anyone can sing”, she then took accordion and guitar lessons. During high school, she was in the same grade as Alanis Morissette and witnessed the beginning of an international career. Instead of pursuing a career in music, she studied psychology and business at the University of Ottawa.

After moving to Bavaria and starting a family, she joined the workforce in Munich. All the same, music and creativity still had a hold on her and Caeroline started writing songs and won at "Munich Song Connection". She then had offers as a studio singer and lyricist. Feeling encouraged, amongst other from Patti Austin and Skyler Jett, Caeroline recorded her first album.

Philipp Stauber

Philipp Stauber

"A world of timelessly beautiful string sounds. So much heart and soul."

"…an absolutely wonderful recording…, a fantastic album…, a versatile and fine feeling guitar virtuoso."
BR Radio Jazznacht

"It’s time to help the rest of the jazz guitar world discover an exceptionally swinging, tasteful and inventive player…"
Just Jazz Guitar (USA)

"…a top notch jazzguitarist! Superb solo of single lines and octaves…"
Jazz Guitar Society of Western Australia

Philipp Stauber grew up in Munich and has been well known in the southern German jazz scene for years. He is a demanded and successful bandleader as well as a sideman of well-known colleagues.

He studies guitar in Munich as well as the Conservatory Arnhem (NL) and was a student of the guitar legends Joe Pass, Howard Roberts and Karl Ratzer, amongst others.

Philipp Stauber has been a professional musician since the 90’s – on stage, as a studio musician and in multiple TV and radio productions (i.e. ARD, ZDF, BR). His albums have received many awards as well as excellent international reviews (USA, Australia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, to name a few).

His touring as a bandleader or sideman (Giora Feidman, Bobby Watsen, "The Weather Girls", Konstantin Wecker amongst others) brought him all over Europe and in 2016, after being invited by the Goethe Institute, to Mongolia.

Who Said

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Tour dates

Café Rosa, Aschau
Verde, Prien
Hänsel's, Weilheim
K1, Traunreut
Le Pirate, Rosenheim
Kultur-Stadl, Vilgertshofen-Stadl
Schlachthof, München


Aschau im Chiemgau
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